"Your time is limited. So don't waste it living someone else's life"   Steve Jobs


Imagine……A model slender body, beautifully dressed, two big eyes, dark behind curtain of long hair, piercing yours, straight to the base of your deepest, rawest desires. Red lips slowly open and whispering to your tender ear…. You can feel my smooth silky skin, against your sweat, against your heat.

I am a real Japanese model turned Escort here in the US who had been trained by traditional Geisha society in Kyoto(Please refer  to the film "Memoirs of Geisha"), Japan. I am not a typical escort. I am a professional courtesan who is educated both in a university as well as Geisha society in Japan. I did it out of curiosity to know both worlds, official and hidden, and I was really happy to learn those two were exciting and related.

I offer you an extraordinary rendezvous that suit you and your lifestyle.I never follow those fake superficial standards of  being  symbol of a porno star.. dead face, plastic sergery and fake feelings toward men...What I offer is a genuine mind/body/spritual companionship ... a wholesome experience of a real lady who know how to do it elegantly and discreetly.

My Outside: 5’5 110 lb. (165 cm, 48 kg) 34C(natural)-23-34 30years old.
Size: 0-2, Shoe size: 7 and 1/2

I am taller than average Asian woman, have long silky hair, clear porcelain complexion, fine feature, beautiful big eyes and luscious lips (that’s what men said…). I love tasteful and classy attire most of the time but wear hip, fashionable clothes depends on occasion.

All of my photos are 100% real pictures of me and they are verified on Eros.com as well as at the most trusted escort verification site Preferred 411. www.preferred411.com/P85174

My Inside: I am now studying at a university here in NY obtaining a graduate degree in International Business and finance. It seems like a bit of career change, but I love to challenge myself in a foreign country with my different skill and ambition.

I read “The Economist” and “Bloomberg Business Week” every week, check http://www.project-syndicate.org/, write about "Fooled by Randomness" "Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (I saw him on the street of NYC!), enjoy the conversation about  the art, music, film, and fiction/non fiction books in both Eastern and Western cultures,  watch CNBC while I love MLB, NBA games and all sports.

I fully enjoy life and all cultures of this big planet, supported by my endless curiosity and energy. I’d like to contribute/give back to the society in near future, since I believe that I am always “The Lucky One” and I will be. I am also a culinary adventurer, wine/sake examiner, and book worm.

I only offer a romantic experience to you with real affection, and love kissing/holding hands(with your approval, though). Chemistry and connection are very important for me.


You are a respectful and influential gentleman who prefers a companionship of exoticintelligent and gorgeous woman. You are curious about why powerful Japanese men pay so much money for Geisha entertainment. You treat people with respect and can talk with anybody in gentlemanly manner. You love life, and know how positive mind and attitude change everything.....yes, change the world!

Together, we will co-create a very, very special experience. 

I can't wait to meet you.....