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Please take a moment to fill out my SSL booking form. I take your privacy seriously. The information sent in this form is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption and is kept in confidentiality. Once I have received the completed form, I may arrange a time to call you so that we may touch base in a more personal way and ascertain our compatibility before meeting.

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Rest assured that your personal information is treated with the utmost respect, and your privacy will never be compromised. In return, I would appreciate the same courtesy. I will confirm our appointment the day before to make it smoothly.

Also, I am a verified provider of "The Erotic Review"," Date-Check" and "Preferred 411". 

If you are a member of any of these sites, please mention your ID#. It will speed up the screening process.

Thank you and looking forward to meet you!


I would be happy to provide refrences to providers in general. However, I can't provide refrences of gentlemen I met only once, or who I met more than one year ago. I can only give references to  the gentlemen I met more than twice and in less than one year ago. Reason why...People changes. Gentlemen who treated me great sometimes changed to be a bad person! Also old memories are often not accurate and eventually cause other providers in unsafe positon. Thanks for your understanding. If you'd like me to give a refrence to your favorite providers, please let me know first. Thanks!